The Detour to Danau Seran

On our way to our planned weekend getaway of Kandangan from Loktabat Utara in Banjarbaru, we made a detour and stopped by a popular lake spot called Danau Seran, or Lake Seran in neighbouring Guntung Manggis district, just 10 minutes drive away. The water there is said to be a beautiful green-blue hue and I was curious to see it.

Diamond mining is well-known in this part of Indonesia and Danau Seran was a once mining site that eventually ceased operations and collected water over time to became a lake. Some media sources cite that the site was also used for sand mining.

However after the mining activities ended the proper mine reclamation process supposedly did not happen. The area which had then become the lake was redeveloped into a water recreation destination for locals looking to relax. Here you can enjoy a picnic, take a boat ride to an island in the middle of the lake (for an extra fee), paddle a duck-shaped paddle boat, swim or nap in hammocks under shady trees by the lakeside.

There is a caution about swimming in this lake, it is recommended that you stay on the edges and not venture out further. The bottom of the lake is said to be uneven in the middle due to past digging and these former mine shafts run very deep like a well. There have been news where local boys have drowned while swimming.

Fairy at Danau Seran

When we arrived, we paid about Rp.2,000 (about A$0.20) per person for entry. The lake didn’t look immediately clear or blue to me, perhaps because of where the sun was positioned that late morning so the water actually looked dark and uninviting at first glance. But my doubts were quickly quashed after viewing the lake from the top (it was clear green) and going through my underwater video footage of the lake revealed an ethereal turquoise setting that wasn’t visible from the surface.

At the end of a long jetty near the lake entrance was a pink wooden platform built in the shape of a heart for a great photo op. It was my birthday that day (28 January) so I posed with my cake here, which happened to also be pink and matched the lake platform. (My cake was a strawberry cream-frosted steamed chocolate brownie from Amanda’s, yum!) We didn’t cut and eat the brownie at the lake, it was for later.

After a bit of toe-dipping in the cool calm waters of Danau Seran, we decided to continue our long drive up to our original destination. This little treasure of a man-made lake is certainly worth the visit, even for just a little while.

Google map location of Danau Seran:

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